The advanced FIFA 17 Tips and Tricks Guide, Straight from EA Sports!

FIFA 17 Tips and Tricks advanced

In this article we will share some advanced FIFA 17 tips and tricks with you. These seven tips have been shared by EA, the developer of FIFA. The tips will give you an advantage in the game opposed to your friends. We also offer basic tips for FIFA 17!

For all game modes available in FIFA we will give you some tips and these tips can be applied to every player, no matter what skill level you have. The first thing worth to mention is that pace has been made less important, physicality on the other hand has been made more important. This will make the choices you have to make different than previous FIFA’s. This of course is not everything you need to know, following there will be some more fifa tips for you!


Go on a Journey in FIFA 17!

At the start of the Journey you can choose to which club you are going. This choice has to be made carefully. You start of as Alex Hunter, a young prospect who came through an talent program and can choose from the current 20 Premier League clubs. Here you would have to make the right choice for you. Higher tier clubs will have better players and competition for you as Alex will be higher. For example, the Manchester clubs have Aguero and Ibracadabra, therefore you would need an average of 8.0 to get into the starting eleven.


If you are relatively new to the game, go for lower tier teams. Especially if you have no preferences for any mid or low team, the advice would be to go with Crystal Palace. They are quite low but have a decent team on the pitch. Another benefit is that the chants from the crowd are quite cool.

2. Become great with the free kick!

Free kicks can be a great weapon in your arsenal. They are quite challenging but if you have mastered this you will have a great benefit opposed to other players. Some new features have been added by EA and you would have to get used to them. An example is  that you can change the angle of your run up. Player attributes have become more important as well, if the curve attribute is less than 75 the chance of curving the ball back into the goal will be low. You can check the player attributes by holding the R2/RT button on your controller.

For a regular free kick, the advice would be to go for half the power bar. This causes the ball to go fast enough to pass the keeper but also keep the ball down so it can actually go in the goal. However the developers gave another option for a free kick. If you line up your player with the ball, you could actually shoot it Roberto Carlos style, with the outside of the foot and curl it around the wall. This is tricky but when mastered it looks really dope and shows of your awesome skills.

FIFA 17 Free Kick

3. Make sure you score each penalty!

Another thing to master is penalty kicks, these have to be just as in real life a 100% goal. However just as in real life they are missed in FIFA as well, this is a waste since it is the easiest way to score a goal. The thing is however that the mechanics of penalties have been changed and especially coming from FIFA 16 it can be challenging to get used to. You basically have to start your run and then shoot the ball, it actually feels more like a regular kick. In my opinion it does work better than previous FIFA’s when you get used to it. There are two options you can use in the run up, RT/R2 or LT/L2, these buttons cause you to either Sprint(RT/R2) or Slow down(LT/L2). During your run you would have to press the shoot button. What I usually do is use the sprint, this causes you ball to be more powerful. But there is more room for error then as well.

4. Selecting the right team increases your winning chances.

The developers have aimed to make physical players better in FIFA 17. Strong and powerful strikers such as Ibracadabra and Diego Costa have been become more and more important in the current FIFA.

The thing online used to be that everyone choose the same teams, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid or Barcelona. Well in this version a change has been made and physical players become more important. Strong physical players can almost not get off the ball. So use that to your advantage. Two teams which can be added to the classic most played teams are Manchester United and Chelsea. Both of these teams are so physical that even the top teams will have a hard time against them. Another team which is good is Borussia Dortmund, with Reus and Aubameyang they have two fast players, even though pace is less important. It still can be used especially with players like Reus and Aubameyang.


5. The Time of sprints are over! Pass the ball!

Another change made to the mechanics are the dribbles. You remember the runs you’ve made from the kick off until goal. These are almost not possible anymore, it is all about the balance in your team. Just having players with 5 start skill moves is not enough anymore, you will need to balance it with more physical players in order to have a balanced online team. There are differences though, if you like a passing team as Barcelona. The flow after 10 passes is way better than other teams, this is because the game’s passing and active intelligence (player movement etc.) has been improved.

As we have just mentioned the AI has been improved, this means there is more activity around you. It used to be that a Messi or Neymar could pass anyone or half a squad. That time has passed, the AI has been improved so that team mates will support each other better.  Also the animations will be chosen more effectively, thus making it less likely to be a foul.


6. Physical strength is very important now!

Again physicality is part of this tip. Just as we said already, this attribute has become more and more important in the game. Therefore you should also use this to your advantage in career mode. The two things which influences this are: The players Mass (how big is he) and their strength attribute. The bigger and stronger, the better the player will be this year. A player to recommend is Renato Sanches, this guy has just been signed by Bayern Munich and is a beast in the game.(for FUT and career mode) Olivier Giroud is also a great player which I use in my Ultimate Team. He is 194lbs with a 88 strength attribute. This makes him a very good player in FIFA, for me he is way more effective than he has ever been in Arsenal.

Physicality in FIFA 17

7. Look further than usually and learn about Ultimate Team!

Ultimate team has become even more addictive than before. The advice I can give you here, don’t save up half a year or spend your salary to get a Suarez, Ronaldo or Messi. Still these are good, however there are great players to be found in the tier below that as well. These players give way better value for the FIFA 17 coins you spend. Take Dimitri Payer for example, he can be called to poor man’s Ozil. His attributes are similar to the top players of the Premier League.

A test has been done to see whether this was right. For less cost than two gold packs you can already have a 100 chemistry Premier League squad. If you’d like to use the same approach, here are some tips for players to buy. As said before, grab Giroud to be your striker. Giannelli Imbula is a great mid fielder capable to do some heavy lifting. John Terry is a great defensive player you can get and Fraser Forster is a great goal keeper. All these players at the time of writing could be bought for 2,500 coins. Compared to Payey (23,000) or Ozil (100,000).

This is the end of the advanced FIFA 17 Tips and Tricks Guide. I hope this has helped you out! More Tips and tricks are coming to help you improve your online gameplay!



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