Game publisher EA has been working for two years on a number of major innovations for the upcoming FIFA game. The set pieces went on the shovel. What is the result of these changes?

FIFA 17 uses a new game engine, which is immediately noticeable. When taking penalties and free kicks, it is also important to position your player well in advance and choose the right run-rate, outwitting the keeper is way more challenging now. 

It was also possible in FIFA 16 to smuggle a few meters when a ball went out of the lines with a throw in. Successful corners, previously required more luck than skill, FIFA 17 includes a welcome update for the corners taken. Before you continue reading, don’t forget to read about our new FIFA 17 Service.


By using a reticle and the ability to control an individual player it is a lot more likely that the ball arrives at the player you have in mind. All these innovations are aimed to make the game more realistic and intense, though it is still not an easy task to master these skills. Obviously, fifa has done a great job in improving the accuracy of the game, but still lots of improvements are left for the next update.

Journey Mode

They also included a new mode which is called ‘The Journey’. In this mode you will crawl into the skin of the promising Alex Hunter. Alex is the grandson of an English football greatness. He is just about to break through at a Premier League club.

His adventure similar to the Be a Pro mode from previous parts, where Alex’s career depends on certain orders that he must complete within the competition

The Journey also enables you to make choices next the in-game football matches. You can choose your own respond towards the press. Moreover, you can configure the way Alex will deal with disappointments. This can be done in the dialogue options.

According to EA, these choices have a significant impact on the story of Alex. This didn’t show when we played the game though. Multiple different options led to the same results in the events.

The newly acquired power of the game engine is not only used for this new mode, but is used directly to address one of EA’s biggest irritation points: the physical game.

Producer Aaron McHardy: “We are aware that the way our virtual players behave when they come into contact with the ball is not satisfying enough. Therefore, we came up with the physical button. It doesn’t matter whether your player controls the ball or not. When you have the physical mode activated your player will make itself wide and other players will actively try to remove the ball from your opponents.

Guarding its place on the field

During the first play sessions shows actually possible to keep both with and without the ball at your feet other players from around the leather. Aerial Duels are no longer (only) a matter of luck; it does good timing your physical mode to it. These and other advantages of the new physical game give FIFA 17 a significant new dimension.

However, this dimension is vital because an important component of previous parts plays a less prominent role: speed. Both walking speed and ball speed are much slower than in the previous section, which initially leads to frustration. The game moves quickly from the flanks to the middle of the fields, which contrasting with the previous version.

Gradually it becomes clear that the use of the physical button provides opportunities to stick to the ball to prepare for a successful shot.

During that moment, it also becomes clear that speed is still relevant: In contrast to FIFA 16 the use of through-passing is very effective and fast players can profit from it. This is made possible through the artificial intelligence of your offensive team mates.

Remember, when you start playing this new game, it is evident to read the FIFA 17 Gameplay Guide before you start. This way you can learn all the required techniques to improve your online rankings!


Transfer market

The transfer market is pretty similar to the previous FIFA version. You can use FIFA 17 coins to buy new players and items. FIFA Points are still used to open packs. When the odds are on your side you can get unique legendary players which are worth a very high amount of FIFA coins. Just like with the previous version is it pretty easy to get Free FIFA 17 Coins. There are already multiple hacks available which provide you with a simple & easy way to add unlimited FIFA coins and points to your account.


The new gaming engine allows your computer controlled teammates to check for open spaces constantly. Even though this is a great new innovation it still feels unnatural why playing it. Maybe another thing they can work on for FIFA 18.

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