These players have such a big chance to make a goal, even if you didn’t aim in the top corner. FIFA 17 top shot power players.

For a footballer there are only a few moments in their whole life experience, which satisfy him more than watching the ball go right through the net. Especially if the net breaks, which Theo Walcott made happen against Blackborn in 2010.

This of course doesn’t happen too often, however there are a few players who are on the brink of achieving this. A few great soccer players like Christiana Ronaldo with his immense power, and Zlatan Ibrahimović will have sufficient skills to make suyre that no goalie can catch the ball before it hits the net.

The shot of Ibrahimović has been measured with enough shot power to slice someones  hand into pieces . And indeed even in FIFA the shot looks as powerful that it would be possible to break ones hand. However Zlatan is not the only player which is able to shoot with full force.

Below you will find a list of five players which by far have the most powerful shots in FIFA 17.


Aleksandar Kolarov

Aleksandar Kolarov is a part of Manchester City and his left foot is able to gain tremendous force when he lines up for a shot. The thing is that you’d have to aim because otherwise it might not result in a goal. It is evident that the left foot of the Serb is very powerful.

Not taking efficiency in consideration, very few players are able to compete with the power in his shot. The person who comes closest to him in the Premier League (next to  our well known Ibra ) must be Tom Huddlestone. It has been calculated that he would be number 8 in this list.

EA was quite right with giving Kolarov a rating of shot power of 91. However his 55 finishing rating is justified since many shots lack the right direction.


Cristiano Ronaldo

We all know him, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese king of engages has become famous from scoring goals at insane distances during his career. He is famous for his strong physicality and long distance perfections. While simultaneously having a fit body in great shape fully motivated at all time.

Even if you check the highlight reel from Real Madrid there are some remunerable shots which seem unstoppable and don’t forget his free kicks. His shots from a short distance, therefore look like they are able to break the net easily.

Of course EA also noticed this, therefore Ronaldo’s shots pack enough power go straight through any goalie who dares to give it a shot.  Mostly the ball ends up in the back of the net when Ronaldo put his foot to the ball. Especially since EA gave him a power rating of 92.



Lukas Podolski the retired international of Germany ended his international career in style, shooting the ball in the top corner against England from the 35-yard mark. This has been one of the best shots to watch during this century. He also got substituted in the game with the music of Russel Crows, Gladiator.


During his long-term sportsmanship Podolski has proven to the world that he knows how to kick the ball with a quick pace towards the goal, maintaining one of the quickest kicks in the game. Another memorable shot of Podolski was in the game against Arsenal for Bayern Munich and another time when he beat Russia when they tried to qualify for the World Cups. The goalie could only watch the ball go in.

As Podolski became older his presence on the pitch may have become a bit less, since his he might be a little slow maybe? Still his left foot has tremendous power, therefore he was rewarded with a power rating of 92 in FIFA 17. Giving him the third position in our list. Thank you EA Games!



This might be the most surprising player in this list yet. Naldo who resonates from both Brazil and Germany is second in our list of the most powerfull shots in FIFA 17. His nickname “The Beast” was gained while he was playing in Werder Bremen for his great strength and his length. The central defender is actively participant as a part of Shalke, and is considered to be the top defender in his league. The Bundesliga.

Just like you already know probably he has an impressing figure that is almost 2 meters long and he forms a big threat with set-pieces. What makes the difference for him as a defender is his ridiculous shot power. He is famous for striking the ball with over 60 m/ph when he gets the chance to take a free kick.

This is also why EA had to give him a good power rating, and that’s what they did. With his 92 shot power he became the second on this list! Making only one other person better.



Zlatan has been showing us his insane shots for a long time all across European soccer matches. The Swedish striker has scored so many beautiful and memorable goals throughout his career. Now he is the “God of Manchester” playing for the English club struggling at this moment, and of course in his debut in the Premier League he scored a 30-yard goal against Bournemouth.

The immense strength he pulls off in the Swedes legs is so great that once he was measured to shoot a 150 km/hr goal in the Champions League. Throughout his career he maintained his shot power, with several goals for the Swedish club PSG that had the speed of a car. Yes, 100km/hr.

EA did recognize this and gave Zlatan’s shot power a rating of 93 out of a 100. This is enough to give him the number one position in the game, which provides his character with enough boost to shot with full force from anywhere close to the opponents goal.

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